Seminar for team tehnicians in Salzburg


The IBU hosted a seminar for team technicians on 20-21. September 2023 in order to provide additional information on the implementation of the Fluor ban that will come into effect from the upcoming 2023/2024 season. A total ban on ski preparation products containing fluor at all series of IBU events from the 2023/2024 season onwards was announced by the IBU in March 2023. This event was attended by members of Ski federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Tanja Karisik Kosarac and Nemanja Kosarac

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Women sport in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Sanja Kusmuk

Sanja Kusmuk, representative of Bosnia and Herzegovina in cross-country skiing, told MeridianSportBH about how she found herself in this sport, what the conditions are like in winter sports in the country and how to attract even more girls to train.The first in a series of interviews about women’s sports in Bosnia and Herzegovina is the one with Sanja Kusmuk, a participant in the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2022. To begin with, she explained to us how she found herself in cross-country skiing.


“Even as a child, I was very responsible and disciplined and I constantly strived to have some obligations and a daily routine. My younger brother enrolled in the ski school organized by the Ski Club of Romania and gave me the idea that I could try it myself, because at that time I didn’t even know how to ski. Before going to the first training session, I practiced with my brother in order to be as good as possible at the first training session, and that’s how my sports career began,” Sanja pointed out.


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Ženski sport u Bosni i Hercegovini: Sanja Kusmuk


Regional media on our activites

Biathlon competitors in Bulgaria

Vesti newspapers originally based in Frankfurt whose editions are published both in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina but also in major cities in Australia, Europe and The States write articles regularly on our activities and our work


IBU Balkan Regional Cup – Bansko Bulgaria

In this competition held on September 9-10, 2023. biathlon competitors of the Ski federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina performed. The competition itself counted over a hundred competitors at the start from a total of eight countries: Serbia, Croatia, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina. According to the participants themselves, the general impression is that this was a very strong and high-quality competition.

The first day on the program was a sprint with two shootings lying and standing at 7.5 km for men and 6 km for girls. Our team had good results…

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Excellent performance of BH competitors at the IBU regional Balkan Cup

From 01.09 to 03.09.2023 a competition called IBU REGIONAL BALKAN CUP was held

in Croatia, the city of Delnice. A total of 7 representatives participated

Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

There were about 90 competitors in total.

As for our team, a total of 14 competitors took part. Vojnović Anastasija in the senior category, Aleksa Vuković and Uroš Lalović in the junior category, and Aleksandar Klačar, Boris Stanojević, Srđan Lalović, Iva Macar, Škipina Lara and Sara Skokić performed in the junior category. Petar Klačar, Viktor Muharemović, Kosmajac Njegoš took part in the children’s race.



Aleksa Vuković excellent at the Summer Biathlon World Championship

At the Summer Biathlon World Championship in Brezno-Osrblje, Slovakia, the best biathlete of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and a member of the Nordic ski team “Romanija” from Pale, Aleksa Vuković, had an excellent performance.

Vuković won 10th place in the 7.5km sprint, while he won 15th place in the 4.5km super sprint. 60 competitors took part in the final race.


Preparations of biathletes in Delnice

The representatives of BiH in biathlon, all of whom are members of the Nordic ski team “Romanija” Pale, are on seven-day preparations from 07.08.-14.08.2023. in Delnice in Croatia.

According to the coach of the national team, Bojan Minic, the preparations and conditions are excellent, and he is training together with the Croatian national team. A test competition was held where there were more than 20 competitors, this competition was very useful and we are satisfied with our competitors, because physical fitness and shooting could be compared


A national and a delegation of the nordic ski club “Romanija” visiting the Norwegian Embassy

On Friday, 14.07.2023. in the Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a meeting of the national and a delegation of the nordic ski club “Romanija” Pale was held, led by the president, Ljubiša Tanić and a national secretary Tanja Kusmuk with H.E. Olav Reinertsen and associates.

The topics of the meeting were possibilities and details of cooperation and support for the development of biathlon in our region, with a special emphasis on the Nordic arena “Dvorišta” in Pale.

The national and a club’s delegation informed the Ambassador about the national and club’s successes, the plan and program for the summer and winter season, and the meetings held with the delegations of the IBU and countries of the Balkan region, which they hosted in Jahorina in May, and whose organization was rated as exceptional.


Biathlon team preparing in Bulgaria

The junior biathlon team of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which consists of members of the “Romanija” Pale Nordic Ski team, is preparing in Bulgaria in the town of Bansko.

Joint preparations with the Bulgarian national team. Biathletes train in excellent conditions and have everything necessary for top preparations.


Regional media on our activities

We popularize biathlon in the Balkans

Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the entire region, have great potential for the development of biathlon, said the president of the International Biathlon Union (IBU), Oli Dalin from Sweden. Biathlon is a combination of two sports, Nordic skiing and archery, and the IBU leadership held a meeting in Jahorina with representatives of the national biathlon federations of all Balkan countries dedicated to the current state of this sport and further directions of its development at the world level.

For further progress

Oli Dahlin said that their intention is to provide support to the national biathlon federations so that they can grow and develop, because it is a very popular sport that is followed by a lot of people.